Letter From the Editors

Dear readers,

Congratulations on making it through another quarter, and another year! These past few months have brought unexpected changes, major milestones for many, emotional events around the world and close to home, and some relief in the form of increasing vaccinations. Against the backdrop of all that is going on around us, reminders of what we’re working for and why what we do matters, all of us are navigating the journey of graduate school and/or busy careers, in addition to our own individual full plates. Building and strengthening our community is still proving to be so important, and many of us have begun to feel again the renewed happiness that comes from being around others in person. We hope that this spring edition brings some levity to your day, and that you can take some moments to breathe, relax, and take in some small pieces of our inspiring CFSP community. Happy spring! Thank you for all that you do!

- Peak to Peak Editors Rosie Levenson, Amanda Hartman, Elly Maras, Marlana Quaill, Bailey Liberty & Editor-in-Chief Ashley Hudson

Farewell to Dr. Raines

Editor Bailey Liberty sat down with Dr. Raines before she heads off on her next adventure!

Spring Spotlight: Alumni

Meet Emily Krier, 2021 EdS graduate!

Behind the Books: Q&A with Amanda Hartman

We sat down to interview editor Amanda Hartman - EdS student on internship who also started her own business last year!

Denver Volunteer Organizations

One of the best forms of self-care is giving back! Come check out some awesome volunteer organizations and opportunities in the Denver area.

AAPI Denver Businesses

Support local Asian American and Pacific Islander businesses in Denver!

NASP Policy Brief

This summer is a perfect time to engage in advocacy work — right from your home — with the NASP 2021 Advocacy Academy!

Notes from the Field

Ways to Take a Break

Make time for self-care and mindfulness this summer!

Summer Recipes

Try out some of these summer recipes!

Pets & Plants

Collective de-stress space!

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