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Peak to Peak is here to be a platform for our collective voices - to connect one another across classes, cohorts and years, to highlight our individual passions and the unique ways we contribute to our field and to our world. This is a platform to connect each other through the things that drive us, to keep us in touch with both our humanity as well as our passion for helping the world. Visit the SASP Portfolio page for additional archives.

Letter from the Editors

Dear readers,

This fall quarter has brought another tapestry of experiences to our community, individually and as a society. We continue to work towards making our world a better place, growing as students and young professionals, and finding our place. The field of school psychology asks much of us, and the depth and breadth of possible experiences and change-making is what drew many of us here in the first place. Yet we must strive to find ways to continue to cultivate our rich lives alongside and outside our professional passion. Included here in this edition are select pieces that highlight this important balance and the ever-evolving dynamic of our graduate school lives. You’ve made it through another quarter! Take a moment to sit back and read about your fellow students, and collect some ideas for how to enjoy your break!

Happy Holidays!

- Peak to Peak

Fall 2021

Dr. Miller is seeking student input!

Hi Second Year School Psychology Practicum Students:

I am teaching the first year Child and Adolescent class this spring quarter and would like to further emphasize “real world” application of developmental theory and research. I would like get some of your ideas and input I also realize that I have missed out not having a chance to get to know or interact with you all via a class. So next Q, if you are interested in discussing these and other ideas for revamping the C&A Development course, I will be holding several face-to-face (or virtual) shared 1-hour conversations on Friday afternoons, most likely between 2-4:30 (to be decided once I secure a room). Please feel free to drop in for these conversations on any or all of the following Fridays: Jan. 7, Jan. 21, Feb. 4, Feb. 25, and March 18. Let me know if you are interested and I will send out the time and place (or zoom link) once I secure a meeting space. Thanks so much in advance for sending me your ideas. I look forward to further discussions with some of you next Q.

Have a wonderful warm and memory-filled holiday season.


Dr. Gloria Miller

Behind the Books:

Victoria Isaac

The future looks bright and our interns are doing amazing things in the field! Read on to see some of Victoria’s experiences from the beginning of her internship year.

Notes from the Field

Application Season is here!

Whether it is for a practicum experience, an internship, or post graduate career, having a good plan in addition to a solid CV as well as acing the interview are important parts of obtaining a position you will thrive in.

Preparation Steps

1. Get clear on what type of experience you are looking for.

2. Compile a list of strengths, including what knowledge and skillset you can contribute to the position.

3. Research potential positions on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Job.com and SimplyHired.

4. Once you find a position, research the company. Get a sense of how the organization operates, look into their mission statement, read their history and plans for the future. Their social media accounts can give insight into the company culture.


Tailor your CV to the job description. Highlight skills or previous experience you have that is a good match to the position you are applying for. Consult with the Graduate Career & Professional Development center to get individualized advice on your CV and other parts of your application!

Interview day

First impressions are key. Dress for the position. Checking the company website may give you an idea of the overall dress code. Wear something that you feel confident in!

Sell yourself in the interview. Know your strengths and past experiences well enough to explain them to the interviewer. Practice interviewing! Have someone ready with constructive feedback ask you questions so you can practice giving answers on the spot.

At the end of the interview, ask clarifying questions. Know next steps, such as if they will they call you. Should you follow up in a specified amount of time? Will there be a second interview? Etc.

After the interview, you may choose to follow up with the interviewer via email and thank them for the opportunity.

Have Faith

Remember, this is a process. Have faith you will find the position that is right for you even if it takes a couple tries. Interviewing and position searching can be intimidating, but you got this!

- Charisse Montoya

Student Spotlight:

Rachel Webster

Rachel, SASP’s 2021-2022 president, shares her insight and perspective on life as a school psychology graduate student.


Local Organizations for Individuals with Disabilities Transitioning into the Workplace

Look out for these businesses in Denver that are striving to support students with disabilities as they transition into the professional sphere.

Sights and Sounds of Denver

With fall quarter wound down and winter break approaching, here are some ways to enjoy Denver during a much-deserved rest away from the books.

Chief Editor ‘20-’22

Ashley Hudson

I’m a 4th year CFSP doctoral student coming up on my fifth year living in Colorado. Helping kids and learning about the mind have always been passions of mine, and I am so grateful to be here pursing what I love. Outside of school psychology, my favorite ways to spend time are reading, creating, and exploring. So many people I have met through our program are fascinating and wonderful humans because of and beyond the work they do within our profession, and I wanted to help create a platform to unify our program and showcase a wider spectrum of who we are as people. Welcome to Peak to Peak!

Community Advocacy Editor ‘21-’22

Charisse Montoya

Hello! My name is Charisse Montoya. I am a 3rd year doctoral student in the CFSP program at the University of Denver. I am originally from New Mexico, and I moved to Colorado in 2019 to continue my education. I have always been passionate about creating fun learning environments in which children are able to develop lifelong social and emotional skills. Therefore, I am grateful I am able to be here pursuing my passions. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, biking, and spending time with family and friends. I also have a lot of fun riding four wheelers and snowmobiles at my ranch in southern Colorado. I am excited to work on Peak to Peak to share information from the field of School Psychology.

Lifestyle Editor ‘21-’22

Mark Thomas

My name is Mark Thomas, I am a third-year Doctoral student in the CFSP program. Within the realm of school psychology, my particular interests are around identifying and treating students with trauma and subsequent emotional disorders through trauma-informed practices and mental health intervention supports. As well as supporting students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in education. Outside of the program, I enjoy snowboarding, golf, hiking with my dog, concerts, sporting events, and exploring new places/restaurants around Denver.